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Aerith is a character who lives in Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden in Kingdom Hearts II. Like most of Sora’s allies, she originates from the Final Fantasy series. Aerith is voiced by Mandy Moore in Kingdom Hearts, Mena Suvari in Kingdom Hearts II, and Maaya Sakamoto in the Japanese versions of both games.

An ally of Leon and Yuffie, Aerith is one of the three core Final Fantasy characters of the series, and takes an active support role with them in the defense of Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts II. She also plays a part in Cloud’s story, though does not directly assist him as she does her other allies.

She lost her home to the Heartless at a very young age. Beneath her gentle disposition lies a strong will and a firm sense of duty. Many are naturally drawn to her. Aerith works with Leon and Yuffie to learn more about the Heartless and the “key”.

“Final Fantasy VII”

A young woman who fought the Heartless. Her calm demeanor hides an unbreakable will.

Aerith also has a mysterious sense of truth, and is aware that Traverse Town and it’s inhabitants are a figment of Sora’s memory.

Final Fantasy VII

A young woman whose quiet eyes belie an unbreakable will. Like Leon, she met Sora while living away from her hometown, and helped him now and then on his journey.

Now Aerith works with Leon and Yuffie to restore the town to its past splendor.

Aerith is encountered by Donald and Goofy on the first trip to Traverse Town, where she explains the nature of Ansem’s Report, as well as the Keyblade to them. She had a few more appearences along with Leon and Yuffie. Later, she showed up in Hollow Bastion after Ansem dissapeared, and spends her time studying the Heartless’s research in Hollow Bastion’s library. Talking to her will allow Sora to learn “Curaga”, the strongest cure spell in the game.

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