Captain Hook

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Captain Hook is the leader of the pirates who sail the waters of Neverland, and Peter Pan’s arch nemesis. He first appeared on Disney’s “Peter Pan”.

The pirate who is working with the Heartless to pay revenge to Peter Pan, who caused him to lose his left hand. He is as arrogant as a pirate can be, but hides away when the crocodile comes close. With the Heartless’s powers, he can travel to many other worlds.

He hooked us in “Peter Pan” (1953).

The pirate with a grudge against Peter Pan, who caused him to lose his hand to the crocodile. He threw in his lot with Maleficent and the Heartless, but ended up being chased over the horizon by the crocodile.

He hooked us in “Peter Pan” (1953).

A pirate who holds a grudge against Peter Pan.

Hook kidnapped Wendy to lure Peter out.

Normally proud, Hook falls to pieces the moment the crocodile that took his hand shows up.

A pirate of Never Land.

Hook appeared before Riku as a token of the indelible darkness in his heart.

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Captain Hook
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