Chien Po

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The big, but gentle Chien Po is one of three aspiring warriors who joined the Imperial army, the other two being Ling and Yao.

Chien Po has shown to be rather…lacking…in the brains department, as he remains unaware of the fight between Sora, Donald, Ling, and Yao, only asking aloud, “I wonder what they’re serving for lunch today?”, to which Yao replies, “Knuckle sandwiches!” He would rather sit and have a good meal than worry about the fights that are happening around him, hence his stature and attitude.

During the credits, Chien Po and the others are seen spying on Mulan and Li Shang, who are about to kiss when they are interrupted by the three toppling over.

Mulan (1998)

One of the men drafted to help defend China from the Hun invasion.

Chien-Po sure does love a good meal. In fact, he’d probably rather dream about food than glory or adventure.

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