Jack Sparrow

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Captain Jack Sparrow is a crafty and potentially dangerous pirate from Kingdom Hearts II. He originally appeared in Disney’s live action film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)

A pirate who sails the high seas. He sure is a colorful character, and one who really values his freedom. He says he’s a captain, but he doesn’t seem to have a crew.

Jack was arrested in Port Royal and thrown in jail, but Will Turner helped him escape during a pirate attack. Jack seems to know something special about Will’s name. Wonder what it could be?

Following the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack Sparrow was arrested for piracy on Port Royal while attempting to steal a ship to go after the Black Pearl. But after Barbossa took Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner reminds Sparrow of the debt for freeing him during the attack so the two with Sora and gang hijack the HMS Interceptor to take chase.

While Sora and gang had to stand guard, though they worried the two couldn’t fight the Heartless, Jack and Will infiltrate the cave on Isla de Muerta, where a ritual is underway with Elizabeth, whose blood Barbossa believes will break the curse. Mistrusting Sparrow, Will knocks him unconscious. He rescues Elizabeth, and the two escape to the Interceptor, with Jack captured and tied to the mast on Black Pearl. After a fierce battle between Sora’s gang and the undead pirates, the Interceptor crew is captured. After learning Will can break the curse, Barbossa left some Heartless and kegs of lit gunpowder to leave Sora and gang to their fate. But the heroes managed to overcome the odds and returned to the island and rescue Will.

Sparrow more than matches the ruthless captain blow for blow. While Jack is momentarily distracted, Barbossa impales Sparrow with his sword, believing he is mortally wounded. However, when he stumbles backwards into the moonlight, Sparrow is revealed to be under the curse, having snuck a coin from the chest to curse himself while Sora and gang dealed with Barbossa’s cursed crewhands. Sparrow and Turner lift the curse just after Sparrow fatally shoots Barbossa with the shot he has carried for ten years. No longer immortal, Barbossa falls to the ground dead. Though Will offered his hand to him, Sparrow took a step back in fear Will might hit him again. Jack’s compass was then used to open up new routes with Sora’s keyblade.

On Sora’s return trip to Port Royal they discover that there are still cursed pirates in Port Royal. Jack and his crew journey to Isla de Muerta aboard the Interceptor, saving Will from certain death, and on the way come across a member of Organization XIII, Luxord, who has stolen the cursed chest and summons a giant Heartless to fight them. Upon defeat, Luxord calls for parley by throwing out four pieces of treasure to Dusk Nobodies and destroying the Interceptor with the Black Pearl’s armament.

After landing in the Ship Graveyard, the crew discovers that the curse has come back to Jack. The group hunts down the four stolen medallions, and eventually find them.

Back at Port Royal, Luxord is there waiting for them to return the treasure. After it is returned, he summons the Heartless from before who is now under the curse.

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