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Leon is a supporting character in the Kingdom Hearts series and leader of both the Heartless Resistance and the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee. Originally he went by the name Squall Leonhart but due to his world being destroyed by the Heartless he changed his name in an attempt to amend for his mistakes. Squall was the main character of Final Fantasy VIII and wields the notorious Gunblade.

A swordsman who wields the Gunblade. His real name: Squall Leonhart. He escaped to Traverse Town when the Heartless raided his home world. To part with his old self, a man who had been helpless to stop them, he changed his name. Since meeting the king, who has been so vigilant against the Heartless, Leon has sought the truth behind the “”key””.

“”Final Fantasy VIII””

A cool and collected swordsman who wields a gunblade. His real name: Squall Leonhart.

Leon once fought with Sora against the Heartless, but the Leon we met in Castle Oblivion is a product of Sora’s memory, so he can’t remember much of what happened before.

Final Fantasy VIII

A swordsman who carries a gunblade. His real name is Squall Leonhart. He took the name Leon to distance himself from his past self — the man who stood helpless as Heartless invaded his home.

For some time he took refuge in a different town, but thanks in part to Sora’s help, Leon was able to reclaim this, his hometown. Now he works tirelessly towards its restoration.

Squall Leonhart grew up in the paradise world of Radiant Garden until it was consumed by darkness. Ashamed and angry that he was unable to defend his home and his loved ones from the Heartless, Squall assumed the name of Leon in order to distance himself from his past, vowing never to use his real name until the Heartless are defeated and his world restored.

One of the few survivors from Radiant Garden and a graduate of the SeeD academy at Balamb Garden,which is yet to be seen in the Kingdom Hearts series, Leon awakened in Traverse Town along with fellow Radiant Garden refugees Yuffie, Aerith and Cid. Leon formed the Resistance against the Heartless, effectively keeping an area of Traverse Town safe against Maleficent and the growing tide of Heartless. He was also known to travel between Worlds in his gummi ship, assisting other refugees in peril and relocate them to Traverse Town. His actions did not go unnoticed, eventually gaining the attention and confidence of King Mickey who was watching the growing battle warily.

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