Li Shang

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Li Shang is the captain of the Chinese Imperial Army sent out to defeat Shan Yu, as well as the love interest of Fa Mulan.

Mulan (1998)

A talented young officer whose father is a distinguished general in the Imperial Army.

Captain Shang has to train a disorganized group of recruits who’ve been drafted to help fight the Huns. He sure is a stickler for discipline, so he must have his hands full getting his inexperienced troops into shape.

He doesn’t appear in the first two games, but makes an appearance in the third game as captain of the Chinese army to protect the Land of Dragons from falling into the hands of Shan Yu.

He initially disliked Ping (who is Mulan in disguise) because of “his” vast shortcomings in terms of fighting, but learned to trust “him” after “he” caused a mountain of snow to fall down on Shan Yu and his army. However, Mushu accidentally lets the truth slip and Shang realizes that Ping is actually Fa Mulan. Though she was supposed to be sentenced to death, he spared her life.

When it turns out that Shan Yu is alive and heading for the Imperial City, Mulan tries to warn him, but he refuses to listen until he sees the truth for himself. He then rescues The Emperor and thanks Mulan, Sora, Donald and Goofy for their help in protecting their country and ultimately defeating Shan Yu.

Upon Sora’s second visit, a black hooded man (who is actually Riku) had visited the Emperor and easily defeated the Captain. After Mulan, Sora, Donald and Goofy defeat the Storm Rider Heartless, Mulan becomes Shang’s partner in protecting their world and their Emperor, much to their pleasure.

During the end credits, Shang is seen sharing a romantic moment with Mulan, until the three soldiers, Chien Po, Yao, and Ling reveal that they are spying and ruin it.

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