Mickey Mouse (Timeless River)

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Mickey Mouse is a character from Kingdom Hearts II.

Back in the years of Disney Castle’s early construction, Mickey Mouse was much lower in hierarchy than a king, which he would one day become. At the time of the Timeless River, Mickey was but a crew member who worked on Pete’s steamboat. Very mischievous in nature, he rarely spoke a single word. Instead, Mickey would convey his words through mute gestures. Because of this, it was almost impossible to discern mockery from cries for help; walking sideways back and forth while waving his hands and smiling could be taken for either.

When Sora came from the future via a door in the Hall of the Cornerstone, the Keyblade wielder, along with the future versions of Donald Duck and Goofy, the three mistook Mickey for being himself from the future. Four times, the devious mouse appeared on the scene of trouble; either in peril (or appearing to be so), saving the day, or both. On one such occasion, his house was attacked by hordes of Heartless.

In the game itself, Mickey is last seen behind the Cornerstone of Light as it is being towed off by Sora, playing hooky.

Steamboat Willie (1928)

It’s King Mickey all right, but in this world, he doesn’t have a lot to say, and he doesn’t look exactly like the king we all know.

His Majesty’s acting like he’s somebody completely different. I wonder what’s going on.

Steamboat Willie (1928)

It’s King Mickey, but back when he was working on Pete’s steamboat.

One thing sure hasn’t changed — His Majesty was just as brave back then as he is now.

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