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Pence is a character from Kingdom Hearts II. From Twilight Town, he is a 15 year old boy who was a friend of Hayner and Olette. (and Roxas, or at least in the virtual version of himself)

He is voiced by Sean Marquette in the English version and Hayato Taya in the Japanese version.

A boy who lives in Twilight Town. He hangs out with Hayner (their “leader”) and Olette (the responsible one).

As for Pence himself, he’s relatively laid back. When there’s a problem, he takes his time and approaches the problem realistically.

He likes spending time with his friends — especially when there’s Sea Salt ice cream.

A good-humored boy with an even temper, he is close to Olette like a brother. He also usually ends up being dragged by Olette to help her with her shopping. He has a knowledgeable account of the Seven Wonders of Twilight Town and is apparently skilled with computers as he manages to access the computer in the mansion.

In the manga, Pence is always happy whenever he has food.

His shirt may be a nod to another Square Enix made game, The Bouncer. As Pence’s shirt has the “DOG STREET” message as the several of The Bouncer’s main characters.

Pence made the connection that the Nobodies in Twilight Town were trying to steal “the real Roxas” when contemplating the picture thief. Like the others in the Twilight Town gang, he felt like he already knew Sora right after meeting him.

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