Riku Replica

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Riku Replica is a direct copy of Riku who appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Riku Replica, as his name implies, was created using the data of Sora’s childhood friend, though it most often appears in the form of Dark Riku, with a Heartless emblem on its chest (the only time when it did not have a Heartless emblem on its chest was when he first bumped into Sora). Originally a subject to test the real Riku, the replica was later exploited to become a puppet of Marluxia who attempted to use him to manipulate Sora and overthrow the Organization.

A replica of Riku created by Vexen from the real Riku’s data.

Through Naminé’s power he was infused with false memories and made to believe he was the real Riku.

The truth has wounded him deeply.

A replica of Riku created by Vexen from the real Riku’s data.

Unlike the real Riku, he wields darkness freely, but is burdened by the fact that he is an imitation.

The Riku Replica was created by Vexen in order to gauge Riku’s strength, and hopefully cause Riku’s Heart to return to the Darkness. At first Riku was shocked to see his counterpart, however, after the original heard the Riku Replica’s taunts a battle began. Due to the short time of Riku Replica’s existence, he lacked experience and was quickly beaten down by the original. Riku then attempted to destroy the Replica, but failed when the Riku Replica utilized the power of Darkness.

Riku Replica escapes, and eventually ends up in the Organization’s chambers, where Larxene taunted Riku Replica over his loss. However, the replica denied any fault of this, saying that his powers had not grown enough, which resulted in her bashing him into the wall calling him “nothing but a mere toy”. The Organization members later change their plans, hoping to turn Sora into their puppet and overthrow the Organization. Larxene suggested that Riku Replica’s memories should be rewritten to be the same as the original’s so he would become a much stronger and more useful tool.

Riku Replica, upon hearing Larxene’s idea, rejected it, saying that he did not need his original’s pitiful memories, but all the members began to agree upon Larxene’s plan. Fearing that he would lose his memory, Riku Replica assaulted Larxene. However, he was quickly knocked out and Naminé was ordered to rewrite the replica’s memory.

After having his memory rewritten, Riku Replica swore to protect Naminé, and saw Sora as a threat. Sora’s first encounter with the replica confused the Keyblade master; Sora managed to defeat the replica, who then escaped. Riku Replica later encountered Sora in Castle Oblivion’s 8th floor, where he urged Sora to leave, as he would protect Naminé. Hoping to regain his friend, Sora offered to jog Riku Replica’s memory, but nothing worked, and a fight ensued. Riku Replica, defeated, felt even more anger when Sora offered his help so they could protect Naminé together. Filled with rage and jealousy, Riku Replica screamed his true feelings at Sora, and ran away in a fit.

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