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Sabor is a deadly leopard from Walt Disney’s Tarzan, where it was discovered that he was behind the death’s of both Tarzan’s parents and Kala’s newborn baby. He serves as a mini-boss of the world, and is fought a number of times.

When Sora first arrives in the Deep Jungle, he falls into a wooden tree house and meets Sabor immediately. Being too weak after the fall, Sabor takes a jump on him, but Tarzan comes to the rescue just in time.

He then appears in many places in attempt to attack Sora, Tarzan, Donald and Goofy. When Sora and his friends go to confront Clayton, they encounter Sabor one final time and he is finally defeated. The world’s accessory is obtained, the White Fang.

A leopard feared by all who live in the jungle, and an enemy of Tarzan and the gorillas. Sabor is a cunning hunter who targets the weak and helpless.

He stalked onto the scene in “Tarzan” (1999).

Sabor’s main attack is a non-elemental, forward dash that acts as a tackle with fangs and claws. If you stay in front of him, he will also be prompted to swipe you with his claws. His speed in battle cannot be matched, and his leaps across the fighting grounds allow him to make risk-free, long range attacks. You may Dodge Roll out of harm’s way or Guard yourself against his attacks – the second option is a better option as it is easier to execute, with fewer risks, and it will give Sora more experience.

Don’t fret if you don’t get through the first battle – win or lose, the outcome will be about the same. However, do pay attention to the rest of your battles with Sabor.

In Sabor’s final battle (in the Bamboo Grove) he will jump out of sight, and jump back into the arena at a different location. It is impossible to keep an eye on him, so utilising the Lock-On function is the best way to assure he does not get a surprise attack in. In all cases, if you have not trained Sora well enough, do be sure to heal him often.

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