White Mushroom

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The White Mushroom is a mushroom-shaped Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. It is one of the few friendly Heartless that never fights.

The White Mushroom is a friendly Heartless that loves magic shows and is also fond of the game of Charades. If Sora casts whatever spell they indicate three times, then he will be rewarded with a shower of MP Orbs and rare items. Certain items are obtained depending on the spell used. If the spell used is the same one all three times, he will be rewarded with various “Arts” items. If the White Mushroom is attacked or an incorrect spell is cast, then it will vanish and leave nothing.

By obtaining all of the special items dropped by White Mushrooms, Merlin will give Goofy the Dream Shield.

Nonattacking friendly Heartless. They might give you an item if you help them.

A Heartless with an unusual affinity for people.

The White Mushroom never attacks, and may even reward someone who comes to its aid.

Key: “Act” (indication) ? Spell Required ? Rare Item obtained by using the spell three times

The location of a White Mushroom tends to determine what charades it composes.

Stuck on finding Bright Shards but no Green Requiem to be found? White Mushrooms are the only other Heartless that drop this rare shard. Just cast Cure as your third spell on the White Mushroom and there’s a 100% chance it’ll drop a Bright Shard.

In Chain of Memories and Re:Chain of Memories, while playing Sora, the White Room (where three White Mushrooms can be found) is a good place to get a Premium Bonus (if you run out of Premium Room cards, that is). Successfully helping a White Mushroom would make it drop some HP balls, along with some experience and a Premium Bonus. This especially works when you need to reduce the cost points of each card, the 0 cards in particular.

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