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Xehanort was an apprentice of Ansem the Wise and is the main antagonist in the series. The exploits of his Heartless and his Nobody are the basis of conflict in the Kingdom Hearts series. His goals have always been to find Kingdom Hearts and use its’ unlimited power for his own ends. He is responsible for the creation of the heartless, the nobodies, Organization XIII, and the driving force behind the disney villain’s desires and plans. He has made an appearance in every game in the series so far in some shape or form and is expected to be in future titles.

He is the driving force of the entire series, through his Heartless “Ansem” in Kingdom Hearts, his Nobody Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II and indirectly in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and a possible relation to Master Xehanort in Birth by Sleep.

The former apprentice of Ansem the Wise.

Even after becoming a Heartless, Xehanort persisted in his research of the doors and the heart of all worlds – all in the name of “Ansem,” of course.

Meanwhile, his Nobody Xemnas had taken leadership of Organization XIII.

Xehanort was found in the paradise world of Radiant Garden by Ansem the Wise, a respected sage and the ruler of the world. Xehanort possessed no memory of his life before this, but it is mentioned that he appeared when a Great Keyblade War ended. Ansem took Xehanort in and he became Ansem’s foremost apprentice. Xehanort was described by Ansem as having abilities so remarkable that they could be considered supernatural.

Eventually, Ansem began to worry about the darkness that lingers within the hearts of others and sought a way to stop it before it consumed his people. Ansem, at the suggestion of Ienzo, constructed a laboratory under his castle where he, Xehanort, and Ansem’s five other assistants would conduct experiments on darkness. Xehanort, who Ansem now fully trusts as an apprentice and friend, offered to use himself in the experiments. Ansem also hoped to unlock Xehanort’s memories in addition to uncovering a way to repress the darkness within hearts. Xehanort had other plans in mind though and decided to conduct his own experiments; to go deeper into the research.

Xehanort and the other five apprentices began to carry out their own experiments. They abducted countless people and locked them within the depths of the laboratory where Xehanort then conducted horrible experiments on the subjects. After using many test subjects, one set of experiments led to the collapse of their hearts. The subjects then went into unrecoverable conditions and were locked up in the dungeon of the castle. Eventually, Xehanort checked on the subjects and saw that they transformed into creatures of darkness, which he named “The Heartless” as they lacked hearts. At this point, Xehanort had taken Ansem’s name as his own and wrote his own report under this stolen name.

Xehanort then presented the heartless with living and non-living samples to which the heartless only responded to the living. Xehanort witnessed the heartless consume the living creatures and then multiply into more heartless. Xehanort deduced that the heartless seek the hearts of other things, which explains why they only react to living samples, in order to create more of their kind. After observing their behavior and their responses to living things, Xehanort took one of the heartless aside and observed its’ behavior.

The heartless began to move throughout the castle until a door appeared which Xehanort was somehow able to open. Behind the door was a humongous mass of energy to which the heartless reacted immensely to. The opening of this door led to the collapse of the world’s boundaries, which was seen in the form of a meteor shower. Xehanort eventually deduced that the door actually led to the heart of that world and that the opening of this door led to the collapse of the walls between worlds. This allowed inter-dimensional travel as all the walls between worlds were now broken and eventually a visitor showed up named King Mickey. He had constructed a gummi ship out of materials from the meteors and used it to visit many different places in search of answers of recent events. Xehanort and Mickey met and had huge discussions in which Xehanort learned of the Keyblade, a mysterious weapon that Mickey himself possessed.

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