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Zexion the Cloaked Schemer (????? Kage Ayumu Sakushi lit Shadow-walking Schemer), is Number 6 in Organization XIII, and the youngest of the original six members. He appeared in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as a participant in the struggle within the Organization between the newer and veteran members. He is also central to the plot to use Riku as a puppet in Castle Oblivion.

Unlike the other Organization members, Zexion’s weapon was originally unknown, and his talents were used only outside of normal combat. In an effort to keep Zexion’s weapon unknown, his gravestone in the The World That Never Was laid destroyed, as all the gravestones depicted the member’s weapon of choice. It was later revealed that Zexion’s weapon was a lexicon, a dictionary.

Zexion will appear in the upcoming game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, as one of the playable characters in multiplayer mode. Tetsuya Nomura called Zexion a “mysterious character” for the game. The team is aiming for Zexion to absorb enemy attacks with his book, then use their own attacks against them. This follows a trend where the Organization members bear abilities and skills mirroring those of Final Fantasy jobs (ex. Xaldin = Dragoon/Dragon Knight, Luxord = Gambler/Time Mage, Demyx = Bard/Dancer, Larxene = Ninja, Xigbar = Gunner, etc.). In Zexion’s case, his abilities mirror those of a Blue Mage, whose attacks are those taken from enemies. Vincent Corazza has confirmed he will return as Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days,

No. 6 in the Organization.

Zexion generally avoids using his own hands when there are deeds to be done. However, with the destruction of Vexen and Lexaeus, he was forced into action.

Zexion confronted Riku disguised as Sora. But Riku no longer feared the dark, and victory was beyond Zexion’s reach.

Formerly Organization XIII’s Number VI. He has been eliminated.

Zexion disliked dirtying his own hands, and relied on his wits to dispose of any rivals–but it was one of his own schemes that wound up destroying him.

Zexion is the Nobody of Ienzo, who was the youngest of Ansem the Wise’s original six apprentices. Ienzo was the apprentice who tried to persuade Ansem to go further with his own research, and helped Xehanort complete the research into the secrets of the heart once Ansem refused to continue experimenting. He, along with Xehanort and Even (the original name of Vexen), is one of only three apprentices to be mentioned by name outside of the listing in the Secret Ansem Reports.

Ienzo and the other apprentices eventually helped Xehanort rebel against Ansem and banished him to the Realm of Nothingness. They went further than Ansem ever dared in researching the Heart and eventually all turned into Heartless. Due to their strong will, their Nobodies kept their memories and general appearance. Ienzo’s Nobody took the name Zexion, an anagram of his original name with an X added.

After Sora had been lured into Castle Oblivion, Zexion discovers two other scents deep in the dungeons of the castle. One of them belongs to a Maleficent formed from someone’s memory, having been given life by Castle Oblivion’s unique properties. Originally, he mistakes the other scent to be that of “The Superior”, an (at the time) unnamed entity within the Organization. (This is possibly due to the presence of Xehanort’s Heartless within him.) Eventually, however, Zexion and his cohorts determine that the scent belongs to Riku, who had appeared in the Castle by force of will after Sora arrived. Vexen hypothesizes that the darkness in Riku’s heart caused Zexion to mistake him for “the Superior” (Xemnas), calling the effect “fascinating”. Specifically, Riku’s heart is plagued by the presence of Ansem. The relationship they share is that “Ansem” and Xemnas both originated from Xehanort; “Ansem” is Xehanort’s Heartless, and Xemnas is his Nobody.

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