Owl is one of many animals who live in the 100 Acre Wood. He helps Sora while he is in 100 Acre Wood with advice on mini-games and how to find more Torn Pages.The wisest resident of the Hundred Acre Wood. Whenever anyone has a question he can't answer, he asks the Owl... though Owl isn't always right! Owl likes to talk, but sometimes he puts his listeners to sleep.He showed us the wisdom of his ways in "Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree" (1966).The wisest animal in the Hundred Acre Wood.Sometimes Read more [...]


Rafiki is a mandrill and the shaman of the Pride Lands in Kingdom Hearts II. Therefore, he serves as the king's most trusted adviser, and his advice is always heeded. When Sora first arrives in the Pride Lands, Nala took him to see Rafiki, in the hope that Sora could save the Pride Lands and become king. Rafiki, however, saw that it was Simba's destiny, not Sora's, and reluctantly sent him on his way. Later, however, while communing with the spirits, he saw that Simba was still alive, and caught Read more [...]


Selphie is a minor character in the Kingdom Hearts series, originally from Final Fantasy VIII.Selphie seems to be a typical "girlie girl", as she is carefree, fights very scarcely, and overall acts like a little girl. She also seems to be a romantic of sorts for when you talk to her a second time on Destiny Islands she mentions how romantic the Paopu Fruit legend is. Her romantic nature is heightened when Kairi tells her she is sending a letter to the "other boy", who turns out to be Sora - Selphie Read more [...]


Tidus is a minor character in the Kingdom Hearts series, originally from Final Fantasy X.A cheerful, self-confident boy who lived on the Destiny Islands. He considers himself a champ at everything. Nobody knows what happened to him after his island disappeared."Final Fantasy X"A young boy from Sora's islands with a sunny personality and lots of energy.Tidus has no shortage of confidence either, and considers himself a champ at everything.Tidus is a friend of Sora, Riku, and Kairi, and is a resident Read more [...]


Xehanort was an apprentice of Ansem the Wise and is the main antagonist in the series. The exploits of his Heartless and his Nobody are the basis of conflict in the Kingdom Hearts series. His goals have always been to find Kingdom Hearts and use its' unlimited power for his own ends. He is responsible for the creation of the heartless, the nobodies, Organization XIII, and the driving force behind the disney villain's desires and plans. He has made an appearance in every game in the series so far Read more [...]