Yao is one of three aspiring warriors who joined the Imperial army, the other two being Chien Po and Ling. He is the shortest, both in stature and temper, among the three. When Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Mulan attempt to join the army, Sora is attempting to get in line when Yao cuts in front of him. When Sora objects, Yao punches him in the face, which leads to a massive brawl between himself, Sora, Donald, Ling, and Chien Po, which Goofy attempts to break up and Mulan succeeds in breaking Read more [...]


Alice is one of the Princesses of Heart who appeared in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The world in which she appears is Wonderland, although whether or not this is her home world is debatable. Alice is the only member of the Princesses of Heart who is not, by technical terms, a princess (aside from Kairi).First EntryA girl who fell down a rabbit hole into Wonderland. She often daydreams and is naturally curious. Falsely accused of trying to steal the queen's heart, she was Read more [...]


Carpet is a character from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. It serves mainly as transportation in Agrabah.A magical flying carpet, loyal to Aladdin. Carpet can carry passengers over the vastness of the desert at great speed. The Heartless had Carpet pinned to the floor under a chest.He enchanted us in "Aladdin" (1992).Aladdin (1992)A magical flying carpet.Carpet is an old friend of Genie's. Ever since Aladdin found him in the Cave of Wonders, Carpet will do anything to help him. Carpet can carry Read more [...]


View this cartoon disney and other cartoon network character detail. Detail of the character, movies, games, and related video clips, and more ... Please comments and give rating.Demyx the Melodious Nocturne(?????? Yaso no Shirabe), is Number 9 in Organization XIII. He plays a minor role in Kingdom Hearts II, where he is tasked with tracking down Sora to liberate Roxas' "true disposition". Although he dislikes fighting, he is directed to use "aggressive tactics" against Sora and his companions. He Read more [...]


Geppetto is a character from Kingdom Hearts and Disney movie "Pinocchio".The kind, gentle clock maker. All his skill went into making Pinocchio. When the little puppet disappeared, Geppetto set out to find him, but he and his tiny boat were swallowed by Monstro, the whale.He provided shelter in "Pinocchio" (1940).The kind, gentle clock maker. Sora and friends helped him escape from Monstro's belly. These days he's living in Traverse Town and looking forward to the day Pinocchio becomes a real boy.He Read more [...]


Kairi (???) is one of three original characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. Kairi lives on Destiny Islands along with her two best friends, Sora and Riku. She is 14 at the start of Kingdom Hearts, and 15 during Kingdom Hearts II (as about a year has passed since the events of the first game.)Islander. Kairi, Sora and Riku were three friends. They built a raft to sail out and see new worlds. The three were separated when a mysterious force Read more [...]

Queen Minnie

Queen Minnie is the queen of Disney Castle, who rules the peaceful kingdom alongside King Mickey. Her first appearence was in Disney's "Plane Crazy".Queen of Disney Castle, ruling in Mickey's absence. I, Jiminy Cricket, am accompanying Donald and Goofy as the royal chronicler at her request. Queen Minnie is more concerned than anyone about the king's disappearance.Minnie made her screen debut in "Steamboat Willie" (1928).Mickey's Surprise Party (1939)Queen of Disney Castle.She is ruling in Mickey's Read more [...]

Pete (Timeless River)

Back in the times before Disney Castle stood where it does now, there was a steamboat service run near the future castle's site. Riding up and down the Timeless River, the steamboat was a treasured part of the area, and would dock at the local Wharf with supplies. The shipmaster and captain of the steamboat was the grumpy, yet good-hearted Pete.Before he became the evil man that King Mickey banished to another dimension, Pete was Mickey's boss.Steamboat Willie (1928)Captain of a river steamboat; Read more [...]


Roo is Kanga's son. Whenever he goes out with his mother, he goes inside her pouch. Roo, like Tigger loves to bounce.Roo appears in many of the mini-games in 100 Acre Wood. The games he shows up in are Tigger's Giant Pot, Pooh's Muddy Path, Balloon Bounce, and The Exposition. In Kingdom Hearts, he is a big help in the Bouncing Spot page area where he helps Sora by catapulting him into the trees to get special items or Rare Nuts for Owl and he helps Sora with advice with Tigger's challenges.Roo dreams Read more [...]


Mr. Smee is Captain Hook's first mate. He appears in Kingdom Hearts as an inhabitant of Neverland, and the only other human member of Hook's pirate crew other than Hook himself; the rest of the crew consist of Heartless. When Hook tries to force Sora, Donald and Goofy to walk the plank, he hides upon the arrival of the Crocodile that ate his hand and places them in Smee's care. However, upon learning the trio's newfound ability to fly, as well as Peter Pan's intervention, Smee flees the scene. After Read more [...]