Brooms appear in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II as housekeepers. They are constantly working and too busy to talk to Sora and company. They are found in Disney Castle in Kingdom Hearts II and can only be seen in a cutscene in Kingdom Hearts.Enchanted brooms with a life of their own. They tidy up, maintain the gummi ship, do house repairs, wait on others--just about anything useful.They swept onto the screen in "Fantasia" (1940).The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1940)King Mickey cast a spell on Read more [...]


Cogsworth is a character from Kingdom Hearts II. He made his film debut in Disney's Beauty and The Beast. He is actually a servant of Beast who was enchanted by a spell along with all the other inhabitants of the castle. The spell turned him into a clock whose hands give him a mustache. He is often paired with the other castle staff members.Beauty and the Beast (1991)The Beast's majordomo. He became a clock when a enchantress put a spell on the castle. Cogsworth is particular about order and punctuality. Read more [...]

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam are two moray eels who serve Ursula, the sea witch. They first appeared in Disney's The Little Mermaid, and have appeared in all Kingdom Hearts games. They are two of Disney's most famous evil lackeys. They were both voiced by the late Paddi Edwards in the movie and by Corey Burton in the games.Ursula's lackey, along with Flotsam. An evil moray eel, Jetsam is a smooth talker who loves to deceive. His specialty is using empty promises to lure unsuspecting mermen and mermaids into Read more [...]


Jafar is a recurring villain in the Kingdom Hearts games. Originating in Disney's Aladdin, he is a member of Maleficent's group, and appears to be her second-in-command.The royal vizier of Agrabah. Jafar is unprincipled and ruthless in pursuit of his aims. Now he's using the Heartless to try to take over the city.He played the villain in "Aladdin" (1992).The vizier of Agrabah. He joined forces with Maleficent and tried to control the Heartless. He gained control of the lamp and became a powerful Read more [...]

Master Control Program

The Master Control Program, was the highest-ranking program in the Hollow Bastion OS.Tron (1982)The Master Control Program. He rules the system as the chief control program.Instead of working for the users, the MCP is planning to take over the system for himself. By refusing to follow the users' orders and trying to enact his evil plan, he's causing chaos among the other programs.The MCP was once the network controlling program of a company called ENCOM, where it was able to monitor and control the Read more [...]


Pegasus is a character from Kingdom Hearts II. Pegasus is a flying horse and also best friend of Hercules, made by Zeus' magic. He lives at the Olympus Coliseum. Although he is a major character in the Disney movie Hercules, like Megara, he does not appear in a Kingdom Hearts game until Kingdom Hearts II.Hercules (1997)A beautiful horse that can fly just like an eagle, Pegasus is Hercules' loyal partner. Hercules' father Zeus created Pegasus from a cloud and gave him to Hercules when he was a baby.Hercules Read more [...]

Rare Truffle

The Rare Truffle is a friendly Heartless from Kingdom Hearts.Although the game identifies Rare Truffles as enemies, the mushroom-like Heartless never attack. Classified as a "friendly" Heartless, Rare Truffles love to jump, and are always found hopping. The more they jump, the happier they are. As the name implies, the Rare Truffle is the rarest "enemy" in the game. Its name is sometimes mistaken as being "Blue Truffle."Like other Mushroom Heartless, the Rare Truffle yields extremely valuable and Read more [...]


Setzer is a character that originally appeared in Final Fantasy VI. A top Struggle fighter, he is a flashy and arrogant ladies man as well and enjoys taunting his opponents. He is voiced by Crispin Freeman in the English version of Kingdom Hearts II.Final Fantasy VIA wayfaring gambler who's ready for any game and any challenge. He'd even cast his life to the chips and let luck choose its course.Setzer is the Struggle's prior winner. He tends to be followed by an army of lovestruck, screaming girls.Setzer Read more [...]


Tigger is a friend in the 100 Acre Wood. He made his first appearance in Kingdom Hearts, alongside with Roo to train Sora how to "jump", which requires jumping on a specific tree coordinate and reach to the finish line. Tigger mostly uses Rabbit's farm as a jumping spot, therefore ruining his vegetables, much to Rabbit's chagrin.Tigger's original voice actor, Paul Winchell, was already long retired even before the Kingdom Hearts series was conceptualized and did not reprise the role, all the more Read more [...]


View this cartoon disney and other cartoon network character detail. Detail of the character, movies, games, and related video clips, and more ... Please comments and give rating.Xemnas is the Nobody of Xehanort, the superior of Organization XIII and the ruler of The World That Never Was. Despite his original name being Xehanort, he uses an anagram of his mentor's name: Ansem, due to Xehanort stealing the name prior to discarding his heart and body. He uses the element of nothingness, and wields Read more [...]