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Cinderella (Disney Special Platinum Edition) Theatrical Release Date:February 15, 1950 DVD Release Date:October 04, 2005 Number of Discs:2 Running Time:76 minutes Languages:English, Spanish, French Ratings:USA: G Canada: G

Walt Disney’s CINDERELLA, based on the world’s greatest fairy tale, has captivated audiences for generations with its spellbinding story, memorable music, spectacular animation, and unforgettable characters. Now, with an all-new digital restoration, CINDERELLA sparkles like never before. With a wave of her wand and some ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo,’ Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother transforms an ordinary pumpkin into a magnificent coach and Cinderella’s rags into a gorgeous gown, then sends her off to the Royal Ball. But Cinderella’s enchanted evening must end when the spell is broken at midnight. It will take the help of her daring animal friends Jaq and Gus and a perfect fit into a glass slipper to create the ultimate fairy tale ending. Experience the magic in this special edition of CINDERELLA and you, too, will believe that dreams really do come true.

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