Classic Cartoon Favorites: Holiday Celebration With Mickey & Pals

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Classic Cartoon Favorites: Holiday Celebration With Mickey & Pals Theatrical Release Date: DVD Release Date:September 27, 2005 Number of Discs:1 Running Time:55 minutes Languages:English, French Ratings:USA: Not Rated Canada: G

‘Tis the season for fun, fun, fun as Mickey and pals celebrate the holidays in these classic animated stories! Mickey and Pluto reap the rewards of ‘Mickey’s Good Deed’ and discover the gift of friendship is the best gift of all. In ‘Toy Tinkers,’ Donald and those rascally chipmunks Chip ‘n’ Dale battle over a huge spread of holiday treats using all the toys around the Christmas tree. Seven hilarious and heartwarming stories are included in this classic collection — there’s something for everyone! Includes the following cartoons: Toy Tinkers Lend a Paw The Clock Watcher Rescue Dog Corn Chips Peculiar Penguins Mickey’s Good Deed

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Holiday Celebrations with Mickey & Pal (WD’s Classic Cartoon Favorites Vol. 8) DVD Overview
Walt Disney’s Classic Cartoon Favorites: Volumes 8-9 (2005)
6 HOURS Disney classics Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy
Disney Christmas & Holiday Classics