Classic Cartoon Favorites: Starring Donald

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Classic Cartoon Favorites: Starring Donald Theatrical Release Date: DVD Release Date:January 11, 2005 Number of Discs:1 Running Time:61 minutes Languages:English Ratings:USA: Not Rated Canada: G

Don’t miss the world’s most loveably cranky duck in this must-have collection of Donald’s greatest cartoon shorts. Each hilarious adventure is filled with the irresistible antics that have made Donald a fan favorite for generations. Laugh along with ‘Chef Donald’ as the irritable duck accidentally mixes rubber cement in with his waffle batter to create a very sticky situation, and catch the first appearance of Daisy Duck as Donna in the hysterical ‘Don Donald.’ Get in on the fun with this cartoon collection of Donald’s funniest moments — it’s great. Includes the following cartoons: Inferior Decorator, 1948 Don Donald, 1937 Golden Eggs, 1941 Bee at the Beach, 1950 Donald’s Dog Laundry, 1940 Donald’s Vacation, 1940 Old MacDonald Duck, 1941 Chef Donald, 1941

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