Disney Princess: A Christmas Of Enchantment

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Disney Princess: A Christmas Of Enchantment Theatrical Release Date: DVD Release Date:November 01, 2005 Number of Discs:1 Running Time:63 minutes Languages:English, French Ratings:USA: Not Rated Canada: G

Welcome to a wondrous place of music and magic where your favorite Disney Princesses have gathered for their first-ever holiday spectacular: DISNEY PRINCESS — A CHRISTMAS OF ENCHANTMENT. You’ll enjoy the best seat in the house as you share holiday stories, songs, and surprises with Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, and Snow White. Join Aurora as she waltzes to the ‘Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy.’ Read along with Ariel as she tells a heartwarming tale about her very first Christmas, and learn how Belle brought hope and cheer to Beast one magical holiday. Plus, as a special treat, the Disney Princesses perform an all-new song that celebrates the beauty of the season. Invite your little princess to join in this dazzling dream come true with all her favorite characters. Make DISNEY PRINCESS — A CHRISTMAS OF ENCHANTMENT part of your family’s holiday tradition … now and forever.

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