Disney’s Little Einsteins: Mission Celebration!

Disney’s Little Einsteins: Mission Celebration! Theatrical Release Date: DVD Release Date:August 22, 2006 Number of Discs:1 Running Time:72 minutes Languages:English, Spanish, French Ratings:USA: Not Rated Canada: G

Every day’s a celebration with DISNEY’S LITTLE EINSTEINS?. This remarkable series from Disney and the award-winning Baby Einstein Company launches preschoolers on thrilling, music-filled journeys to real-world destinations, where they’ll help solve important missions and have fun learning along the way. Put on your hat, grab your goodie bag, and get ready to blast off! You’re invited to a party where the guest of honor is YOU. Climb aboard Rocket with June, Leo, Quincy, and Annie for a rootin’-tootin’ time in the Wild West. Meet playful penguins in Antarctica as you search for runaway balloons, and travel all the way to Italy on an expedition to bring home a magical machine that makes today everyone’s birthday! MISSION CELEBRATION! is your invitation to the biggest, best, most amazing party ever. ? The Baby Einstein Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved. LITTLE EINSTEINS and the Little Einsteins logo are trademarks of The Baby Einstein Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved. EINSTEIN and ALBERT EINSTEIN are trademarks of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. All Rights Reserved. www.albert-einstein.org

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