Disney’s Little Einsteins: Race For Space

Disney’s Little Einsteins: Race For Space Theatrical Release Date: DVD Release Date:February 19, 2008 Number of Discs:1 Running Time:72 minutes Languages:English, Spanish, French Ratings:USA: TV-G Canada: G

Rev up Rocket and soar full speed ahead into action-packed, music-powered adventures! Join Leo, June, Quincy, Annie and Rocket on a mission to rescue the Three Little Piggies when their airplanes spin out of control. Can Rocket fly fast enough and far enough to bring the Piggies all the way home? Only with your help! Journey with the LITTLE EINSTEINS? as they zoom to outer space on their most thrilling voyage ever! Then, get ready to race around the globe against the world’s greatest flying machines. But look out! Big Jet is up to his old tricks. And he’ll do anything to win the trophy. Whether your preschooler is exploring the ancient city of Machu Picchu, whooshing past stars or planets, or searching for hidden treasure in Hawaii, RACE FOR SPACE is a first-class ticket to nonstop entertainment you can enjoy together!

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