Growing Up With Winnie The Pooh: It’s Playtime With Pooh

Growing Up With Winnie The Pooh: It’s Playtime With Pooh Theatrical Release Date: DVD Release Date:May 23, 2006 Number of Discs:1 Running Time:59 minutes Languages:English, Spanish, French Ratings:USA: Not Rated Canada: G

When ‘what should I do?’ problems arise, no matter what their size, they’re a breeze for Winnie The Pooh and his friends when they tackle them together. Fun is the name of the game in four Pooh-rific tales that show how honesty and consideration can save the day. Join Pooh and his pals as they hunt for an ‘April Fool’ and take a fantasy trip to the Wild, Wild West. Learn important lessons about kindness and friendship, and play along with the Hundred Acre Wood gang to learn how teamwork can solve even the biggest little challenges. It’s just one more way that Pooh makes growing up fun!

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