Higglytown Heroes: Heroes On The Move

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Higglytown Heroes: Heroes On The Move Theatrical Release Date: DVD Release Date:January 02, 2007 Number of Discs:1 Running Time:58 minutes Languages:English, Spanish Ratings:USA: Not Rated Canada: G

Take a journey to Higglytown, the wonderfully imaginative world where everyone is a hero. The fun-filled stories and songs will introduce your children to the everyday heroes who keep the world moving with taxis, tugboats, submarines, planes and buses. While out and about around Higglytown, best friends Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle, Kip and Fran visit the beach, the Ferris wheel and more. Along the way, whenever they bump into a problem, they call on ‘someone special,’ and their friends and neigbors help them get back on track. There are also important lessons about safety and how to be a good friend, all presented in an entertaining way that will show your children that they can be everyday heroes too!

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