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Mulan (Special Edition) Theatrical Release Date:June 05, 1998 DVD Release Date:October 26, 2004 Number of Discs:2 Running Time:88 minutes Languages:English, Spanish, French, Mandarin Ratings:USA: G Canada: G

Full of daring action and hilarious characters, the fun-filled MULAN SPECIAL EDITION celebrates honor, courage, and the importance of family. The Washington Post proclaims Disney’s MULAN is ‘gorgeously animated . . . stirringly told!’ Clever Mulan proves her worth outside of her tradition-bound society when, disguised as a male soldier, ‘Ping,’ she bravely takes her father’s place in the Imperial Army. Helped by her outrageously funny guardian dragon Mushu and a lucky cricket named Cri-Kee, Mulan strives to earn the respect of her fellow warriors and their courageous Captain Shang. Mulan’s adventures lead to a climactic battle atop the Imperial Palace, where her family’s honor and the fate of the Emperor and all of China rests in her hands! And now, this new 2-Disc Special Edition includes spectacular bonus features for families and collectors — deleted scenes, all-new music videos, games, and an exclusive sneak peek of the all-new movie MULAN II! ‘This warrior is a winner!’ raves People magazine.

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