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Pocahontas (10th Anniversary Edition) Theatrical Release Date:June 23, 1995 DVD Release Date:May 03, 2005 Number of Discs:2 Running Time:84 minutes Languages:English, Spanish, French Ratings:USA: G Canada: G

All the music, adventure, and colorful fun of Disney’s POCAHONTAS come to life like never before in the 10th Anniversary Edition 2-Disc Set. Bursting with all the ‘Colors Of The Wind,’ POCAHONTAS tells the story of a free-spirited girl who wonders what adventures await ‘Just Around The Riverbend.’ Pocahontas — along with her playful pals Meeko and Flit — relies on the guidance of her loving and wise Grandmother Willow when English settlers arrive on the shores of their village. Her chance meeting with the courageous Captain John Smith leads to a beautiful friendship that bridges the gap between two cultures, and changes history. Now fully restored, POCAHONTAS includes the song ‘If I Never Knew You,’ and never-before-seen animation seamlessly integrated into the original film. This 2-Disc 10th Anniversary Edition is loaded with spectacular bonus features, all-new games, and soaring Academy Award?-winning music (1995 Best Original Musical Score, Best Original Song, ‘Colors Of The Wind’). Disney’s POCAHONTAS is a fun-filled adventure your whole family will enjoy.

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