Return to Halloweentown

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Return to Halloweentown (Ultimate Secret Edition) Theatrical Release Date: DVD Release Date:August 28, 2007 Number of Discs:1 Running Time:88 minutes Languages: Ratings:USA: TV-PG Canada: G

Unlock the secrets in this fourth installment of the hit Disney Channel HALLOWEENTOWN series and discover a ‘Behind-The-Scenes Spooktacular’ with an insider’s look at the special effects and creature creations on the ULTIMATE SECRET EDITION DVD. By now, everyone knows Marnie Piper (Sara Paxton, AQUAMARINE) is a witch, so it comes as no surprise when she wins a full scholarship to prestigious Witch University in Halloweentown. Excited about learning alchemy and amulets, potions and portents, Marnie travels through the portal to become Witch U’s most famous coed. But everything is not what it seems. There’s a new school rule: No magic allowed! Marnie also learns about an ancient prophecy — and it turns out she holds the key to revealing the ultimate secret. With the help of old friends Ethan (Lucas Grabeel, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2) and Benny the Skeleton, and new friends Professor Periwinkle and Aneesa the Genie, will Marnie make the right choices in time for Halloweentown’s 1,000 Year Anniversary Celebration? Discover all the magic, mystery and suspense packed into RETURN TO HALLOWEENTOWN — and be sure to check out the revealing cast interviews and behind-the-scenes bonus features exclusively on this ULTIMATE SECRET EDITION DVD!

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